Taroland: November 2008

02 November, 2008

Taro's Toy #2 Super Duper Blender

Mr. Toy #2 join the family on 12th May 2008.

Look at this blender, it looks DUMB!! BULKY!!

This toy toy is special for my Sugar Glider, Opsss.. sorry don't forget, its also for my mum :P

When I adopted two Sugar Glider, BB Jai and BB, I though mum's blender will able for me to make the BML diet for them. Bough all the ingredents, then I started to blend. But no matter how I blend. Its still have alot of small small granular thing. Then only I found, mum's blender is call a Chopper. So I order a new blender for them. KAKAKA here the Mr Toy #2 is home.

Its so amazing!! Mr Toy #2 can blend Ice to Smoothie, Fruits to purree, Seeds to Powder. It even can blend five dry chillis :O

It come with 2 mugs. So I use one mug for fruits and veges, one mug use for meat. Yes meat, can make fish ball!!! kakaka.. surely no bones.

I know Mr Toy #2 is very tiring, because he need to work night and day to bring yummy food for everyone. Luv ya Mr Toy #2!!