Taroland: January 2008

15 January, 2008

Round Pot Nano

Here go my stone scaping round pot nano.

Water : 1.5Liter
Light : 9W PLL
Co2 : 1 bps
Filter : nil
Water Change : weekly 30%

09 January, 2008

Taro Tank

four days old

Other than nano tank, this is the first reasonable planted tank, and I named it Taro Tank. Because Taro is the King in the house, anything with the word 'First' must belong to him.

I have to THANKS my sifu Yeoh (ppyeoh/oocl) to lead me from the very basic, without him, I had give up this hobbi.:) He will never ever ask me to google, THANKS SIFU!!

This is my first tank and it is ranking # 265 in ADA Aqua Scaping Competition 2008.

06 January, 2008

Taro's Toy #1 Cooker with Blender

Mr Toy #1 join the Taro's family on 22nd March 2008.

Mr Toy #1 is a cooker with blender. It serve us yummy soup, tong shui or soya bean in 30 minutes.

Ta Dar.... here come our lovely Mr Toy #1

The blender of this cooker do a very fine job. The cooker can only make 1.7Liter of soup or tong shui, very suitable for small family.

For example, when we make red bean suop, we always drink the soup and throw away the bean, we will waste and not benefit from the fiber of the bean. If we blend everything very fine, then we will drink or eat everything, so we will fully 'utilise' your food. All we need to do is....

Red Bean Soup
1) Soak red bean over night(Although we can blend unsoak bean, but to have a long life toy, we always protect and keep them well).
2) Put the Soaked red bean and seasame seed into the net/filter cup. Locked the cup back to the heater. Pour 1.7Liter water into the cooker.
3) Place the heater back into the cooker, press COOK.
4) 30 minutes later, you will hear BI BI BI BI BI... DONE!!!!
5) Add sugar as own flavour.

How lovely is it... muakk....

05 January, 2008


04 January, 2008

Hamster Madness

I really need to say THANKS to this friend that lute me the Hamster Trap, she is Chipmon from Singapore. I know her through Mongolian Gerbil talk, by looking at her hamster photos everyday, it’s really the most poison thing in the world.

Chipmon are very into nutrions, she and her gang looks into every single nutrition that hamster need. Chipmon keeping her show quality Syrian for eight years, I really learn a lot of things from her experience. Yes I mean real experience from A- Z, not merely keeping experience which only throwing food in and changing bedding.

Spend two years to learn about their diet, I decide to improve the quality of Syrian Hamster here. After discuss with Chipmon, I understand that, colors are not the priority in my improvement list, before a Syrian Hamster looks like a Syrian Hamster rather than a mousy looks.

Temperament, size and head are the priority in the improving list, here is where I start….

03 January, 2008

Mongolian Gerbil Crazy

I am not a small animal person, as I can be too rough for them. They looks fragile to me, just like I can kill them with a slap. But one day, Elaine and me went to Hun (Crazymouse_yyh) house, and she offer me two Mongolian Gerbil, with Elaine ‘sataying’ beside, I agree to keep two of them. After the pups are weaned from their mummies, I went and bring them home.

Again I start joining The Gerbil Forum in USA, follow by eGerbil Forum from UK. I posted up happily, introducing to everyone about my Gerbils, with their names, age and colors. But the members in the forum said I had wrongly tell the colors of my gerbils, I was so frustration with them, because I though Hun (crazymouse_yyh) should know the color for sure, as she had keeping them sometime. Trying very hard to argue with the members in the forum, but same time I start to dig information from the net. Oooppss… I found that I was wrong.

After done some reading, I know this rodent rarely bite, and they wouldn’t be stink like others in the rodents’ family. The first though come into my mind is, this would be a good pets for young children. And WAWW I found that there are a huge range of colors available in Mongolian Gerbil. With the only two in my hand, a nutmeg and spotted agouti, I can not do anything.

After I join the two Gerbil forum from USA and UK, I join the Pets Forum in Singapore too, and there are more colors available in Singapore. I got my first pair of RUBY eyes gerbils, I bring in thress Ruby Eyed Gerbils from Singapore, one Pink Eyed White female (Biko), one Lilac male (Bili) for myself. And I decided to bring in one Lilac female for Hun (crazymouse_yyh) for her Christmas present, because she does not have any ruby eyes too.

After sometime, she told me that, she has a good friend who also like Mongolian Gerbil and she is a responsible good owner. And Hun decided to pass the Lilac (Pecan), with an other Dark Eyed Honey male to her friend.

The world is round, I met a gerbil’s owner from Malaysia in The Gerbil Forum USA, and she has a Lilac female!! There I know she is Hun’s friend, Jas (jaswwp) who take the Lilac female. Both of us cannot help ourselves, we fall into the gerbil genetic graveyard. Night and day, our life is surround by Aa Cch Dd Ee Gg Pp. Calculating all the possibility pups color we can get from out breeding plan. We realize things on our hand are still very limited. We decide to bring in some Ch and g gene. We brought in four gerbils, two Pink Eyed White and two Ruby Eyed White.

From here Jas (jaswwp) and I start our projects, a lot of calculations, a lot of reading, a lot of print out, a lot of papers. We don’t allow ourselves to wrongly pair any of them, as finding a home is not an easy job. From here, we get all the colors we want and we get a few of pied too.

One day, Hun (crazymouse_yyh) called me up. ‘I was a red eyed gerbil here, its very orange, but I am not sure is it Argente?’ , after asking and confirmed with her there is no grey undercoat, YEAH!! She found a Red Fox!!!! An other new line, but I didn’t join the line, as I still prefer the Grey Agouti.

02 January, 2008

Bulldog Addicted

In the old days, on and off I did keeping some pets, but I don’t consider those are my experience of keeping pets. Because there is no study and research were done. It’s merely feeding them and keeping them in tiny cage, bottle or jar.

I had start to do my study and research about Bulldog three years before I get Taro. Included standard, temperament and training. Books about Bullie is so difficult to get in Malaysia, so I had to get them from New Zealand, USA and some from local book store like MHP.

In coincidence, I am so lucky to get a very good and useful dog training book specially for Bullie, this book helps me a lot when I get Taro.

The very first pets forum I join is a Bulldog forum in USA, name Bulldogs World, then I joined an other in UK, name Bulldog Domain, everyone there are so informative, friendly and helpful, then follow by the local K9 forum, puppy.com, there I meet some friends, some Bullie lover, Elaine, Damien, Wang (Britman Bulldog), Hun (Crazymouse_yyh), Tang , etc. Everyone is so crazy in Bullies.

01 January, 2008

About Nezumitaro…

Since young, I always want to have pets. But I come from a strict family, I was not allow to have a lot of pets in one time. Trying hard to get back from my memory….

- I had a dog named Tiger before. I was about 3 to 4 years old. He was a bit unstable, he will chew off EVERYTHING!! Yes EVERYTHING included car and flower pots, and he bite my mum while she going to fed him. We have no choice, but to send him to a farm. I hear he went to attack an Indian’s cater. And was killed by the Indian guy.

- Dad bring puppy home once a while, but because of Tiger, I am very afraid of dog. I will never ever step out from the house. No choice again, puppy gave away. I still remember we name them one of them Xiao Hei (Blacky).

- When I start schooling, I got a few cents everyday as pocket money, I didn’t spend the pocket money for my lunch, but went to the wet market behind my school to buy fighting fish. RM1 per fish. Bough them some fish pellets, but I feel the fish is so pity, because they are not able to eat the pellets, so I decided to smutch the pellet into powder for them. Dumbo me, the cookware for smutching contain chilli, the next day they fishes were kill by me, pour all of them into the drain behind the house. Crying sadly beside the drain, though to feed them better, but I killed them.

- Then come the white mouse. Breed by my friend. He give me 2 of them, play with them everyday. And they are so stick!! So I always bath them and sun them.

- A bird our neighbor give us, he is a lovely bird and can recognize us. But he fly away when we gave him a bath. Look for him more than a month, hope he will still be around, but he had gone.

- Dad pick back a tortoise from road side too, we keep him in bathroom, when we goes in. he will chase our toes to bite . LOL, but we still love him, Sadly, once our bathroom attack by red ants. They attack GuiGui, and he gone.

- No more pets for years, until I am 20+, I had my guinue pig, named BB in New Zealand. But he suffer in lung infection during season chainging, run him to the vet, the vet gave him an injection, but he canot pass the night.

I always love Bulldog, my dream dog,. Start reading, buying a lot of books about bullie. 3 years later, I decided its time to get myself a Bulldog, looking n finding around for 6 months, Here I found my Taro, my first boy.



Here my pets live start again….