Taroland: December 2008

31 December, 2008

Taro's Toy #3 Dehydrator

Mr Toy #3 join the family on 30th Oct 2008.

After BB and Kiro the Sugar Glider have their HPW and Fresh purree, Hamster babies also have their fresh smoothie. How about my Gerbil babies?? Oh dear, they have nothing :(, they don't have home cook meal :(. I feel so sorry for them. But gerbils canot take too mcuh fresh fruits or veges, they will get sick. Although I aware of dehydrater, but I always though its more than 10Ks. So never dream about it, and my hamster's sifu Chipmon, came for a visit from Singapore. We talk about this and she told me Singapore do have a better deal dehydrater. WAW that is too cool! A very good news for me.
Goes up and down, and finally with help of my friend Sara, I got my dehydrater YOHOO...
With help of Chipmon and BlurBlur and JemJem, I got 5 more trays!! Now my dehydrater with 10 trays, I can dehydrated alot of things.
Also hamster's or gerbil's owner in outstation can enjoy the dehydrated Nutri-Smoothie On-The-Go.

26 December, 2008

The Water World

My two feet planted tank.


23 December, 2008

Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food

so Finally the Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food arrived! I had order 5kgs of this for my babies, Mongolian Gerbil, Hamster and Sugar Glider. This can be replace 20% of their daily diet.

Whey protein, soy protein, meat meal, fish meal, blood meal, cereal bran, lysine, methionine, vegetable oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, choline, inositol, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium.

Min Crude Protein 34%
Min Crude Fat 10%
Max Fibre 5%
Max Salt 0.8%

Why Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food?
~ quote from Healthy-Bird.Com
Carnivorous and omnivorous animals need to catch live food. Feeding live food is not only important nutritionally it also helps maintain a healthy attitude in captive animals. If insects are offered as live food ensure they represent the insect stage eaten by the animal in the wild. There are considerable differences in composition between mature and immature or larval stages of insects. Animals that prey on mature insects such as moths, beetles and crickets should not be fed large numbers of larval stage insects. Captive animals are commonly fed meal worms and fly pupae which are larval stage insects. These can be poor food substitutes for many animals because of their high fat content. Fat contains twice as much energy as other nutrients and increased quantities in the diet can significantly dilute the intake of essential nutrients.
Here to share the recipe....
Mix about 70g of Small Carnivore Food with about 30ml of warm water. Add the water slowly to the powder while mixing to produce a moist, crumbly food. Do not make into a paste.
Small Carnivore Food is kind of insects meal, it can replace the insect feeding. its made for small animal like glider, rodent and so on.We need to feed difference types of insects, in order to give the Sugar Glider, Gerbil and Hamster a balance insect protein, just like if we only eat chicken everyday, no fish, no beef.. in long term we will lack of certain protein or nutrition., but human is big in size, these animals are small, a minor unbalanced in diet can cause healthy problem to them.In oversea, glider owner feed a few type of insects like fly pupa, grasshopper, crickets, mealworms and so on. The protein VS fat level change during the difference stage of the insects, if we wrongly feed when its in high FAT level, glider can not tolerant too fat, same to others small animals. They need protein more than fat.

Small Carnivore Food is made with a few type of insects, which they are in high protein stage. So it is more healthy and balance to feed Small Canivore Food than only mealworms. And its hygiene and bacteria free.
Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food is AVAILABLE in MALAYSIA now!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!

Zelda Wisdom 2009 Calender

Woo Hooo!!!! See what I got yesterday!? I got the Zelda Wisdom 2009 Calender from New Zealand!! YEAH!!

Thanks 99 and Ah Son!!! The Bullie Calender I always love so much. My collection add one more member now. So so so excited!

Here you go...

22 December, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas to everyone I WUUFFFF !

To Dearest Kai Ma & Uncle Steve,
I am sure you have a WHITE Christmas over there is Canada, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS, All the VERY BEST in the coming year, may all your dreams come true, make ALOT ALOT of $$ and the last but not least, come and see me in Malaysia. I miss your BEAR HUG Uncle Steve!!!

To Dearest Uncle Jack & Auntie Joan,
You will have a cold cold Christmas in Cameron Highland eh!? Enjoy your holiday, have fun ya! Make sure you think of me before you fall asleep, cause I will miss you all here until you come back. Wish you the most LOMANTIK life in the coming year, the best things of the world will fall infront of you and uncountable $$ all over the floor. Merry Christmas!

To.. who else celebrate Chritmas?.. hmm.. to all friends & visitors

20 December, 2008

Happy Birthday to Dearest Auntie Joan

My Dearest Auntie Joan,

Mama tell me, its your birthday today, so sorry that I am late, I will sing a Birthday Song for my Dearest Auntie Joan here. Wish her all the very best in the coming year and may all her dreams come true....

Wo~ppy Worthday to YOU,
Wo~ppy Worthday to YOOOOOUUU,
Wo~ppy Worthday to Aunit JOAN,
Wo~ppy Worthday to YOUUUU.

Auntie Joan!!! I Woofff You!!!

RED EGG EGG for you .. can we share? please...
your baby Taro..

18 December, 2008

Blue Winged Pita Stamps

When opening letter for office, I am so surprise and happy to see this stamp!! It remind me Bluebie so much. It’s a Christmas Greeting card from a supplier to our vet. I told him that the stamp is Bluebie, which we rescues in office last time. He give the stamp to me. HOHOHO!! It is such a lovely Christmas present for me!!

Ta Da!!!! ..


15 December, 2008

Marshmallow in the house!!

Marshmallow is home for a month, she is doing very well. Eat well, drink well, sleep well and play well. I got her from Pet Shack, she is very tamed, no bite and never complain for anything. A lovely Marshmallow.

She love the dehydrated HPW diet for Sugar Glider, but I reduced the honey till 5% or less. Once she hear the sound of the container, no matter if she is sleeping, playing or dreaming, she will run over and wait at the side.

08 December, 2008

Kumi ~ my first Mongolian Gerbil boy.


18th July 2005 ~ 8th December 2008

Kumi my first Mongolian Gerbil boy, he is spotted Agouti. I got him from a friend, Hun aka Crazymouse_yyh (puppy.com, Lowyat.net and other pets forum), who I know her from Puppy.com. Kumi come with Kuri, the little small couple. He is always a small boy. Kumi and Kuri give me a good color and rare in local, which is Spotted Dark Eyed Honey. Kumi was always good, never bite, never nip.

The only worst thing happened was he attack his first daughter Kokoa. But lucky Kokoa is good too. She never fight back, although she is double of her daddy size.

Kumi sibling had been went across the rainbow bridge almost a year ago. Today Kumi move on. He is in his old age, 3 years and 5 months old. Kumi left his 4 tank mates, I hole they wouldn't be too sad.

The move on of Kumi don't bring me a huge pain, cause I know he is old and he is always in good health. I accept your leaving Kumi, lease take care yourself, join Brownie and baba over there, make sure you both don't bully dad ok. Be good boy.

Miss you Kumi...






05 December, 2008

Brownie Puff ~ the best Hamster in the world


Brownie, I know you are strong, I know you want to stay, but its time to go Brownie. Don’t be scare, there is a thick, gentle and warm hand waiting for you at the other side of the world, which is the hand I always miss, Yes he is waiting for your over there, just walk farward, don’t look back. Take care yourself on the way, walk carefully, don’t be clumsy, don’t simply kick on things and don’t fall down.

I will miss you here Brownie, you’re the BEST I ever have. Love you forever.

NO hamster will …..
….. allow other to touch their babies, but Brownie;
….. always react with their name, but Brownie;
….. nip nip their human to show their love, but Brownie;
….. always looking forward their human to return home; but Brownie;
….. worries they will hurt their human, but Brownie;
….. be so manja, waiting someone to feed her, but Brownie;
….. rather stave themselves, than leave their babies for 5mins, but Brownie;
….. think a human hand will taken care their babies, so they can have some rest in an other conner, but Brownie….

I will always miss …..
….. your non-stop hamster dance, until I carry you out.
…..your lovely eyes, every time I call your name.
….. your gentle lovely nip nip, when you want me to hold you.
….. your sofe mouth, you always worries you will wrongly bite me, when you try to grab your wormies.
….. your small little hands, which always want to hold my finger.
….. your sticky feet, they are always cold.
..... your manja face, when you enjoy being feed.
…. how you trust me, while I play with your new born, you even walk away as if I will take care of them and you can have a rest.

Brownie, you will always my sweet girl, you are always the most beautiful girl. I never know I will miss you so much, I never know I needed you so much. No more hamster dance, no more your little hands. I am calling you as usual when I walk in my room, but I realise you are no more around. I know I promise you I will be fine, but please give me sometime.

Brownie, be good with dad, he will take good care of you, wait me there, I will meet you all again one day. I don’t want you to be my pet, but my friend.

Brownie, love you forever.

Brownie in her new tank.